That’s the number of cinemas in the United States.

Each offers the same experience, formalized across the country, to produce a predictable and expected experience.

It is an experience tailored specifically for the largest gains in profit for the smallest expense of production. It is a numbers game with only one concern: the box office.


That’s the number of not-for-profit arthouse theaters in Oklahoma City that offer a community.

Not just a place to view art, but to experience art.

For a few magical moments inside a theater, we are not a collection of strangers, but a society, driven by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the craft before us, transforming a group of strangers into a powerful presence.

That is the enchantment of the Rodeo Arthouse: a home where communities are born and sustained. More than a theater, this is a haven for all our city’s misfits, eccentrics, and creatives. Each one of our landmark locations preserves our cultural history. This is a place to come together, learn, grow, and become a community.

our mission

Our mission is to conserve our cultural heritage and create communal experiences through film, art, and live entertainment to celebrate what connects us as humans. 

We achieve our mission through the following objectives:

  • Through curating imaginative, diverse, inclusive, educational, and inspiring programming. 
  • By encouraging and uplifting regional artists, creatives, and filmmakers. 
  • Through the preservation of our historical venues and stages. 

our vision

We seek to be a cultural hub, offering alternate programming from corporate and mainstream organizations that connects communities across economic, social, and political lines. We strive to present art the way it is intended to be experienced: together.

our values

Accessible: We are an organization of and for our community, and we believe that art should be affordable and accessible for all. We strive to provide patrons affordable access to film, music, and live entertainment. 

Community: We will aspire to incorporate films and performances that are inclusive, equitable, and engaging; that reflect the diversity of our greater geographic region and our immediate locale to have a meaningful impact on our community. We amplify historically under-represented and under-resourced voices and strive to incorporate anti-racist and anti-sexist practices across all aspects of our work.

Governance: We will provide a supportive working environment for local filmmakers, artists, staff, and volunteers with whom we work, encouraging standards of excellence within their respective fields. We will strengthen our leadership role in the arts community of Oklahoma and improve our regional reputation while providing a space for creatives within the arts and film industry. 

Innovation: We will value ingenuity and innovation in all aspects of our organization, including our internal and external agents’ work and art, while we aspire to support their visions. Rodeo Cinema Foundation strives to honor the filmmaker’s creative intentions and immerse audiences as much as possible in the story onscreen and on stage.

Financial Stewardship: We will uphold our covenant as a not-for-profit corporation by being trustworthy stewards of public funds and the resources provided to us by our community. We will serve our districts by providing critical services contributing to economic stability and mobility. 

Heritage: We will honor our historical facilities and the roots laid before while securing the future and building a lasting foundation and legacy. 


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