film programs

monthly programs for the cinephile in you

Oklahoma film society

The Oklahoma Film Society focuses on empowering film creation and appreciation in the 46th state. Every month the OKFS will bring you amazing films from across the cinematic spectrum meant to intrigue, entertain, and expand cinematic knowledge.


silent sundays

Charlie Chaplin. Buster Keaton. Fritz Lang. Experience the early days of cinema just as they did 100 years ago with silent films featuring live music accompaniment.

femme film

Femme Film is a monthly program that screens movies made by femme filmmakers for free to the Oklahoma community.

“Femme” is an umbrella term to define those who have been targeted by sexism and misogyny, including but not limited to: women, non-binary, trans, and genderqueer people.

Rodeo Cinema Podcast

The Rodeo Cinema Podcast features conversations from movie lovers and filmmakers who gather to discuss the retrospective screenings every month at Rodeo Cinema in Oklahoma City.

Music Movie Mondays

Love movies? Love music? Then you’ll love Music Movie Mondays! Whether it’s movie musicals or just movies with music, we’ve got you covered.


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